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Optical Integrity, Inc. introduces LaserGuard™ Technology



LaserGuard™ is a patented accessory to Optical Integrity’s surgical laser fibers that prevents damage to endoscopes and other devices used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. The device works by attaching to the fiber and detecting when the fiber begins to heat up, which is a warning signal that the fiber is about to fail.

The patented detector is capable of detecting imminent failure anywhere along the light path from the tip to the connector. For example, if a fiber’s tip is placed too close to a metal basket or grabber, the LaserGuard™ accessory will put the laser in standby mode thereby saving the basket or grabber from damage. Or if the fiber is bent inside an ureteroscope in a bend that will break the fiber, then the LaserGuard™ accessory will put the laser in standby preventing damage to the scope. Even if the fiber is pulled back into the scope accidentally, the LaserGuard™ will stop the laser and prevent damage to the scope.

The patented LaserGuard™ unit interfaces with the laser, mounts onto the fiber connector, is battery powered and is reusable at least 100 times with individual Optical Integrity fibers. In addition, the product has sensitivity adjustment controls, indicator lights, audible enunciators and is shipped with a test fiber to verify that it is working before each days use.

Competitive Olympus/Gyrus/ACMI: Endoscope Protection System (EPS)

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